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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 11, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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next on fox 45 early edition. >> nobody else could have touched her, nobody could have touched her but him. a 19-month-old baby diagnosed with an std. why police haven't made an arrest in the case. it's a trade off. it's always tough. is maryland putting your health on hold. the money is it's not spending on cancer prevention. the surprising organization behind these great pics.
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good morning. it's tuesday, may 11th. i'm patrice harris. lets get a check of our forecast this morning. meteorologist jessica starr is here with what we can expect as we head through this day. good morning. >> good morning, i know it was a little chilly out there this morning. unfortunately we're going to deal with rainshowers today but it's the workweek. >> get it out of way. >> before preakness and i will have that forecast in a few minutes. it's chilly out there this morning. partly cloudy skies, winds are out of the east at 9 miles an hour, and the humidity is down so a comfortable air mass. things are going to change and you can see slowly rainshowers moving into west virginia. that is the big system that going to be pressing in our direction later today and it's going to be sticking with us for most of the workweek. 49 degrees, chilly, mostly cloudy skies, we will see peeks of sunshine later today and clouding pretty fast with the rainshowers moving in by lunchtime and later in the day.
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59 degrees for the high temperature for today and timing out your day for today, lunchtime, 54, and mostly cloudy, the areas with rainshowers but by 6:00 most areas will be dealing with light showers in the vicinity, and 58 and 59 for the high temperature today. the rainshowers moving in our direction and a sneak peek at the preakness forecast coming up in a few minutes but first here is the candace. >> reporter: good morning, jessica. here is the shot at the beltway moving on liberty road, can you see the right lanes are wide open, both in the inner and outer loop direction. making the trek toward the triple bridges. from 795 toward 95, we're looking at an 11-minute drive, right now 55 miles per hour. now, through baltimore, things are looking good. southbound 95, in the fort mchenry tunnel. the beltway, 8 minutes at 55 miles per hour and only 54 miles per hour with a 9 minute clip on southbound 895.
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harbor tunnel all the way down toward 95. that's a lock at the morning travels, patrice, back over to you. a 19-month-old little girl is sexually assaulted in her south baltimore home. now the mother is wondering why the man she believes gave the child gonorrhea hasn't been arrested. it's a story you are seeing first on fox. megan gilliland is live with the shocking discovery. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. still no arrests this morning but police say they do have a person of interests. he is a man with an extensive criminal history, robbery charges and now a mother says he is also a child rapistist. to protect that family we are not releasing the name. we talked with the mother. she left the child alone with a family friend a few weeks ago.
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11 days later she noticed that something was wrong with her daughter. she took the child to the hospital and was told that someone had given her little girl gonorrhea. she knows it was the family friend who did it and even told police but still no arrests. >> we are interested in getting the right person and we're interested in getting the victim and that is why we're taking our time and trying to do the right thing. we sympathize with the mother. >> i know for a fact that nobody else could have touched her but him. >> reporter: now a letter from the hospital confirms that the family friend also had gonorrhea. police are calling that man again a person of interest this attack, while police continue to investigate their case. we are told that child service working with that family. live from city pleas hea policer headquarters, i'm megan gilliland. fox early edition. governor o'malley says the incidents of violent crime
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across the state are down. yesterday the governor revealed the crime status gathered by the state police. the numbers show a dramatic production in overall crime that have produced over decades. 57 fewer people were murdered last year in maryland than in 2008. car thefts and robberies are also down. >> we're able to seize 217 guns last year that produced 77 arrests for illegal trafficking of guns to keep them out of the hands of the hit men and the drugs enforcers. maryland still has yet to drop out of the top 10 most violent states. currently the state is ranked 9th on the list. that is compared to second in 2001. meanwhile former governor ehrlich is questioning the numbers. he points to a study from cw quest which ranks maryland 8th highest for the crime in the nation. it points out that the state has
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highest murder rate in america. improving the economy is the best way to reduce crime. a maryland pair marine is one of three soldiers to die in afganistan over the last week. the pentagon is confirming that 21 years old corporal kirk shui died yesterday. he was killed in the providence and they have not revealed details surrounding his death but it is under investigation. all other soldiers that died are out of camp lejeune. the company will cut 250 jobs over the next 6 to 18 months, mostly at its owings mill location. that office will shutdown completely. company officials say the move is a part of an effor effort decentralize and take the work closer to the clients. meg lacleg mason cut jobs durine economic down turn. councilman carl stokes wants
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to raise property taxes by 50% over 10 years. he says that even though the city is battling a budget deficit, other sources should be considered to ease the burden on homeowners. nonprofits, should be card to pay for the san tax. >> we should bring tax relief to the residents of the city. we pay twice as much as the surrounding jurisdictions in tax rates. >> similar efforts were started by other mayors but they were suspended because of tax problems. in the community they came from, currently inmates are counted as part of the community the prison is in, but some argue that has skewed helped people in other areas. last month maryland lawmakers passed the first law in the country to count inmates as
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residents of their last address. leaders with the chesapeake bay foundation plan to make a major announcement about their suit against the epa today. the foundation sued the environment of protection agency to force it to take action to reduce bay pollution. months later president obama ordered the agency to develop a restoration strategy which is set to be completed tomorrow. the foundation put the suit on hold, while the strategy was being developed. but the president says that stay can be lifted if the foundation feels the agency did not make the necessary commitment. bp's president will face the senate committee today to answer tough questions about the company's massive oil spill on the gulf of mexico. meanwhile the company has a new strategy in the works for stopping the leaking oil. it's a smaller version of the large containment dome which bp tried to use earlier, which was clogged by an icy flush.
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they are hoping to contain the 200,000 gallons of oil a day. >> that system contains the oil, it doesn't sop it. it allows us to channel the oil up to the surface. >> bp is considering what is called a jump shot. plugging the leak with trash and rubber. the oil may not reach the shore but it's affecting the state seafood industry and maybe not in the way you think. joel d smith is live at the sea market today, good morning, joel. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. it's a busy time of day as they get busy for the business of the day selling this stuff to the restaurants. right now this means that we're in the business of talking to people. we have nick. the restaurants are coming in, they want to know about price and what do you tell them. >> right now it's a daily occurrence. everything is changing on a daily basis. you talk to your customers and
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you tell them what is going on so they now how to price their menus and their customers. >> reporter: are there certain industries that are doing better than others. are most of the prices gone up. >> some of the prices have gone up, some of them are staying steady. you are finding that products out of the gulf, it's a trickle down thing. if shrimps are tight the shrimp prices are going to go occupy. and the it affects other products. >> reporter: where do you get your seafood. >> we're all over the united states, and overseas. we're buying out of the gulf right now carolinas, virginia and locally. >> reporter: are you worried that the prices will get too high and the folks that work with you can't afford it anymore? >> that is part of being in the business with sales. what you have to do is talk to people what is the good fish commodity today. what may not be next week. you have to keep an eye on the market for your customers to
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retain that. >> reporter: we will talk with you a little bit later. around here they're looking at this area being an important one because it's not expected to affect the actual seafood in our area in the mid-atlantic. it could become quite a commodity that they will be selling to other areas. >> which is good news for us, but such a bad story down in the gulf and trying to make a lig off of fishing and not being able to do that anymore. >> reporter: when the price gets too high that is when the restaurant can't afford it. they can't pass that out to you and me, we go out and expect a certain price and crabs and food. that is the trickle down effect. >> joel, thank you very much. construction crews will break grounds on a new affordable housing complex in baltimore today. work on the pin square apartment complex will start this morning. crews will build a 41 unit apartment houghing complex. it will be at pennsylvania avenue. mayor stephanie rowling rawlinge
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is scheduled to attend that ground breaking which is scheduled for 10:00 this morning. cal ripken had a section of the road named after him. now it's ray lewis turn. the ceremony is schedule at for 1:00 at the intersection of north avenue and north broadway. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake and coach harbaugh are scheduled to attend. a woman allegedly murdered by her boyfriend. i think it's tragic. >> why he could be charged with two murders. and a large storm system is moving in our
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the miss usa pageant comes under fire for what some are calling racy photos. the pictures show contestants being pictured in lingerie. they are being used to promote the competition. and the donald trump says that the pictures are a part of breaking the stereotype of a
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pageant princess. i don't know, jess, i thought those would be the kind of pictures the girls would get in trouble for, and all the kinds of pictures that come out after they are crowned. we got to take your crown. >> it's kind of leading with the stereotype of a beauty pageant. >> i'm surprised. >> it's kind of interesting to see that. >> we will see how far it goes. >> and you can state your opinions on facebook. >> that's a good question for today. >> otherwise, this morning not too bad waking up this morning at the inner harbor. a couple of clouds earlier this morning but things be increasingly cloudy later for today and rainshowers will be moving in. right cooler out there. the winds out of the northeast at 3 miles an hour. and the humidity is up a little bit at 55%. the temperatures across the region, waking up at 50 in baltimore, 49 in d.c. 42 in hagerstown, cooler and 41 in oakland this morning. switching gears, though.
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we are cloudy right now but the clouds will be and the rainshowers will be moving in later for today. the further west you go, the further the rainshowers will arrive. the further east you are, the further the rainshowers will move in here. it is a fairly large system and a large of rainshowers and the system will be associated with the system that will be moving in our direction. chicago, and indianapolis, will be dealing with the rainshowers. it will take a little bit of time for it to get into our area but the main concern it's going to become stationary and linger in our area for most of the daytime today. here we go. we find the south. right after lunch hour, it's going to be a best chance for rainshowers moving toward western maryland and left toward d.c. and baltimore. there's going to be a lot of clouds left for today. the rainshowers moving in later in the afternoon hours and lingering overnight tonight and for most of the daytime for wednesday. as we look toward wednesday we will get on the warm side and
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that is going to increase our instability so a better chance for thunderstorm activity will be tomorrow afternoon. we will see thunderstorms and they could become severe with strong winds and some hail, possibly. the warm front is going to move to the south. we will have a cool day and a dry day for thursday and we have a cold front push through so another for rainshowers on friday. unsettled conditions for the next couple of days. for today, a couple of degrees below normal with rainshowers developing later in the day. overnight, tonight, rainshowers, 54 degrees and the winds out of the west. the next 7 days look unsettled. 59 for tuesday and the warm sector under the warm front that will be warming us up. muggy conditions for wednesday and tomorrow. above normal temperatures close to 80 degrees with thunderstorms. on wednesday they could become severe so we will keep our eye on for tomorrow afternoon. thursday we got a dry day, partly cloudy skies, 66 or cooler because the warm front moves to the south but then it
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moves back up and the cold front pushes back through giving us a chance for thunderstorms on friday, 75 degrees. the system pulls out just in time hopefully for preak snies on saturday, 73 degrees, and dry conditions. the weekend is looking good, 72 on sunday and 74 on monday. now, remember fox 45 weather is available at your finger tips. you can use fox 45 iradar to track incoming storms and interactive tools will let you know when the rain will be over your house. go to lets see how the morning commute is shaping up with candace this morning. >> reporter: thank you, candace. we are checking on the speeds and it continues to be a calm ride. traveling through whitemarsh and 64 miles per hour on whitemarsh moving at 395. we do want to check in on the 795 corridor. here it is at cockeysville road. and you can see a polic pleasane
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in both directions. that continues toward the beltway. once you approach the beltway, moving at liberty road, we can show you what that region looks like. there's a good crowd there favorable conditions, inner loop lanes and outer loop as well. farther down at frederick road this morning. we have not had any incidents to report and that continues to be the case, an enjoyable ride, outer loop lanes, 1 or 2 cars traveling on the inner loop as well. that's a look at mornings commute, patrice, back to you. why watch american idol at home when you catch all of the action live in california. mix 106we have chosen five finao correctly answered the trivia questions and they will sing for their seats. whoever scores the highest during our karaoke challenge will get the trip to l.a.
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police discovered the body. petsy reagan last week. the pregnant woman had been strangled. police have charged her
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boyfriend with the killing. they're trying to figure out if the man should be charged with two murders. >> reporter: 29 years old betsy rag regan a pregnant woman found murdered in her only. the state employee was 2-4 months into her pregnancy. neighbors are shocked to hear the news. >> i think it's tragic. she was a mother to be. >> reporter: ad and charged with regan's murder is 29 years old andrew jackson, a man that met regan where she worked at the city jail at the service's food manager. >> it's sad in the criminal justice community. we hear she was a wonderful employee. she worked rehard and diligent in all that she did. >> reporter: prosecutors are looking at whether they can charge regan's boyfriend in killing their unborn child. >> whether or not jackson will be charged under maryland's
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statute has not been determined at this time. that matter remains under investigation pending the full medical examiner's report. >> reporter: it would be only the fetal homicide case to be tried in the state. >> she is pregnant and you intentionally kill a woman if she is pregnant, i think you should be charged for both lives. >> a seed is a life, no matt if it's just started off or if it's 6 months. i feel the individual should be charged with two murders. >> reporter: while prosecutors wait for word from the medical examiner, some are wondering why jackson was on the street to begin with. >> jackson had a warrant out for violating his probation. it was the second time he violated since march. the first time he was able to post bail. the second time on april 17th, following a traffic violation, he was released on his own
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recognizance. that is when probation stepped in and asked for jackson's bail to be revoked and a warrant to be issued but before jackson could be pulled from the streets, betsy regan was murdered. >> it's terrible something like that could happen. >> reporter: jackson was being supervised under the violence prevention initiative, a program that targets criminals suspected of recommitting crimes. in downtown baltimore, joy lapoll alepola, fox 45 morning . to charge a person with an unborn child death in maryland, the medical examiner has to determine that the fetus had a reasonable chance of surviving outside the womb. stolen goods found at pawn shops. how much merchandise three men were accused
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hey thunder, lightning...what's the problem? oh, just watch. did you have a good breakfast?
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no. well here, try this... ...jimmy dean breakfast bowl. mmmmmmm... booooooommmm!! did someone call for rain? fight the morning fade with sausage, egg and cheese breakfast bowls jimmy dean. shine on. a bail out? europe soothes struggling stocks in the u.s. the dow posting a big gain at the close of business day. here is elizabeth macdonald. a massive bail out a, a huge rally here. the dow soaring more than 400 points in trading today. that's the biggest gain in more than a year. stocks back in the black. and investors celebrating the
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european's union trillion dollar rescue package to deal with the debt mess. the commission working with stock exchanges to find a way to prevent massive swings like last thursday's nearly 1,000 points plunge. they're working on circuit breakers that would slow down trade. congress holding a hearing on tuesday to investigate what happened. a good month at mcdonald, sales as existing locations rising nearly 5 press percent in april, fancy coffee drinks giving business a jolt in april. and they're cutting fares for remaining flights on tuesday and wednesday this week. that is business, i'm elizabeth mcdonald. coming up layoff at leg mason, the number of cuts that are being cut. and police search for person who gave a 19-month-old little girl an std.
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i'm megan gilliland who the child's mother says is to blame straight ahead. how is all of that oil in the gulf affecting the price of seafood here. i'm joel d
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